Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm almost done here in China...Can you believe it?

Hey everyone guess what I am still alive! Can you believe it? I only have one more city left here in China, Guangzhou and then its off to Hong Kong the last week of August. Time is really flying bye! I can't believe that I have had the opportunity to visit nine cities here in China! (Xi'an, Beijing,Nanjijg, Changhouz, Wuxi, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou) Each city has been amazing in its own unique way. I have been blessed to see many beautiful places and meet many wonderful people. However if I had to pick one city as my favorite it would have to be Shanghai! Shanghai is such a beautiful city, with amazing buildings of all shapes and sizes. There is a river that runs through the city and separates the older buildings from the newer buildings. This makes it very interesting no matter which side you choose to explore! One of my favorite evenings in Shanghai was when some of the cast and I went out to an exclusive and very hip night club. This club  was on the top of one of the older buildings in the city! It was amazing to look out over the cityscape all lit up and the barges down on the water below lit in so many beautiful colors. It was so beautiful! The club was crazy cool and the music was great! I danced the night away and really enjoyed spending time with my friends. The worse part was the price for a single can of Sprite... Grrr! Fun time for all and we left with some great pictures!

The city of Hangzhou has been quite a treat. This city is different from most cities in China. There is a beautiful lake in the center of it called West Lake. A trip around the lake is about 14 miles with many sites to see along the way. My friends and I decided we wanted to take it all in and enjoy this beautiful place by going on a self guided bike tour! Our adventure started down town at the bike rental place. Can you believe to rent a bike for the whole day it was only 10RMB, about $2!!  SWEETNESS! So we biked and really enjoyed our time looking at the tea houses, temples and lily pad ponds. Of course we enjoyed riding our lovely, no brakes, bell ringing, brightly colored, clown looking, dirty bikes! After a very long ride and dripping
 gallons of sweat we decided to return our AMAZING bikes back to the shop.  I had no idea that I was going to be risking my life to return this  $2 bike but I did! As we left the path that circled the lake to head into town I realized quickly that I would be gaining yet another perspective of China and how the Chinese function...  OH MY GOSH!! CHINESE TRAFFIC!!!! Man, it was terrifying! I had cars on either side of me, scooters honking at me wanting to pass even though there was no where for them to go! I didn't think I had any sweat left but I was sweating profusely now! Luckily... I had my handy dandy bell! Yes, a bell like the ones we had when we were toddlers. That bell saved my life a couple of times! Cars would be zooming at us as we crossed the street but we all just rang our bells or screamed like crazy people. Both seemed to get people's attention, it was quite a site I'm sure. Six white people riding clown bikes ringing bells and screaming! It was a rush and now that it is all said and done, surprisingly very fun. Of course I was being careful ;) We made it to the bike return safe and soaking wet! Time for dinner...we worked hard!

Another adventure here in Hangzhou was going and taking yoga at the largest yoga center in China! We took a taxi there and to our surprise we were going to the top of a mountain! 
They have mountains, well kinda. They are beautiful but I sure do love those Colorado mountains sooo much more! (the mountains have made me a little home sick while I've been here.) We got to the top and there was a Chinese styled house set beautifully in a jungle of tropical trees and plants! It was spectacular, enhanced by the fresh cool rainfall. The yoga studio was so peaceful and smelled of fresh cedar! Our instructor came in and taught the class in mostly Chinese but would add some English every now and then so that we wouldn't be completely lost! It was so relaxing and helped my body so much. I think I will try to take more yoga when I return home!

I am really enjoying my job... Today was our last show here in Hangzhou and during the finale there was a little girl with her chin on the stage just staring straight at me with a huge smile and great big eyes. She made me feel so good! Moments like these confirm to me the real reason I am apart of this great tour and company! I know that I make a difference for these children, adding some light into their day, week or maybe even their life! I hope I won't ever forget the feeling I get when I see and hear them cheering! I just love these children and  their smiles so much!

I really do miss you all so much and pray for you all every day! Hey, remember to stay in touch if you can.

A little windy up here.
 I love getting emails if and when I have internet! Enjoy a sunny day with blue skies for me! (I don't get to see them very much here in China)! Here are some pics for you...hope you like!


Xoxoxo for ALL

James and I really don't match every time we go out...
but wow we look good!

Yep...this is all of us!  DL6 sooo awesome!

So FUN!!!