Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's been a while...

Hey Everyone! I'm sure most of you know that I am now out of China... oh happy day! I really loved my time in China and can not wait to share many of the stories I have from that crazy world that I lived in for two months! Since I last posted on my blog I have moved quite a bit! I finished in Guangzhou, China and really enjoyed my time there then we headed for Hong Kong! hong Kong was absolutely amazing, what a fun city with such nice people! I loved where we stayed in H.K. Because it was right on the board walk that is part of Victoria's Harbor! Wow it was beautiful in so many ways... The water... The tropical mountains, the city lights at nigh... the shopping... The friends that I met there! It was a great experience and I hope to travel back there someday! After wonderful Hong Kong I official said goodbye to China and headed to Singapore! I am currently in Singapore and absolutely love it! It is such an amazing place, so clean, great people, great food, different cultures... LOVE IT!

I had a week off here in Singapore and I was able to go to the beach several times which was so relaxing and peaceful! I was able to get some color and swim in salt water! It was just amazing! Now the work wee has begun and it is a very packed week with 13 shows and filmings and PR's! My body is already feeling it after the first four shows...nine more to go... I can do it and I'm ready to own it!

Sorry for not posting sooner... I will try to post more next week when I have time off and I will be sure to add some fun stories from mu adventures! Also I am unable to post pictures but I will have my mom post some from home next week! Until then bye-la!

Love your Disney Dancer! Ashley!