Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I can hardly believe that I am home and it's DECEMBER... the end of the year... wow time flies when you are having fun! So I was able to surprise my whole family minus my dad because I let him in on my big secret of coming home! I have know for about 3 months that I would be able to come home for a short break in December but I thought it would be really fun to make it a BIG surprise for most of my family so I kept it a secret and just had them all believe that they would see my face after my trip to Australia which would be in February!
Oh boy did I surprise them all!!
I had a very VERY long couple of travel days leaving from Surabaya, Indonesia to get to my small home town of Eagle, Colorado. When I finally arrived in the -8 degree weather without any winter clothes my mission had begun... how to surprise my mom!! My dad picked me up from the airport and we talked of a game plan... we made a decision... I would show up at her work... PERFECTION!
If you didn't already know my mom works at a middle school as a librarian, dad and I made sure to contact her boss (The Principle) and ask her if she could help us pull off the best surprise and Christmas Present, she was delighted and of course helped us! So I stuck into the school and went into the back office and sat at the large desk. We had the ladies who work at the front of the office call my mom to the office claiming that her boss needed to have a couple of words with her...HAHAHAHA... she had no idea that I would be sitting right in her bosses desk... Brilliant so far huh! The blinds of the room were shut and one of mom's co- workers had a video camera ready to capture the surprise! I was so excited to see my mommy... she walked into the room and had a confused face on... she said that she thought at the time that she would be getting fired or something... poor lady! She finally noticed the familiar face at the desk and slightly screamed! She was overtaken by emotion to finally see her world traveler so the tears, of course, began to flow! It was so so wonderful to finally get to hug my mommy! I am pretty sure she was relieved as well to finally hug me and see me in really life instead of just through a computer screen! Mission #1 accomplished!! Next of course was my sister... she was schedule to go to a dentist appointment so she would be expecting a call from the office to collect her stuff and check out BUT she would not be expecting MEEE! I stood in the office with my back to the entrance (pretending to do paper work) and she walked in and headed to the sign out sheet near the door. I walked over to the sign out sheet where she was and bumped into her to also "sign out" she backup and said "Oh sorry ma'am, excuse me" all polite and then she was just staring at my profile with the most confused look on her face, she said that at that moment she thought she was dreaming or going crazy, she didn't really move till I turned to her and said "Hey! What's up Syders?" then she practically tackled me with the biggest hug and repeatedly kept saying "Why are you here? How are you here?" It was one of the best moments! I really enjoyed surprising my mother and baby sister! Merry Christmas Mommy and Syders! Through out the rest of that day I was able to surprise many more of my family member and see such fun expressions from all of them! I am planning on enjoying this cold and snowy weather to the fullest before I head to the other side of the world once again to Perth, Australia! I can not wait to spend more time with my family and friends! I have missed them all so much! Merry Christmas to all and please do not forget the real meaning of Christmas, how blessed we are to have a Savior and elder brother, Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!