Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Great Adventure!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine

How true this quote really is! The world is a book with endless pages and I get to turn several pages and live every story to my fullest! I am continuously learning and growing from the experience I am having while being in Asia on tour with some of the best people I could ask for!
I am currently in Bangkok Thailand. I have not seen much yet, I just arrived yesterday!  I really can’t wait to dive into the culture and learn more about this amazing part of the world!
Sooooo let me catch you up to speed… it's been a while. (sorry) I have now been to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines! All were extremely different from one another and each has memories that I will always keep close to my heart!
When I was in Singapore I was able to meet some amazing young people that I now call my friends. I cannot wait to see them again in November when I return! I was able to go to Sentosa Island while I was there. Sentosa Island is like a mini theme park with lots to do. My favorite was just relaxing on the beach looking at the amazing water and enjoying the sand between my toes... Ahhh one of my new favorite things for sure! The venue we performed at happened to be hosting The Lion King as well. Made me realize how official and amazing my job is...very cool! I am so blessed to be dancing with such a wonderful company that travels to amazing places and is so well known!
Next was Cebu City Philippines! On arrival to my hotel room I received a great surprise!! Do you know what it was? Yep that's right the Cebu City Temple, staring right at me through my big picture window!  So amazing!! I was able to go and feel the sweet spirit of the Savior. How grateful I am for temples.  Cebu City reminded me a lot of when I was in Peru, third world kind of, chickens and dogs everywhere! The hotel we stayed in was great and I really felt at home! I was also able to go to another island close by called Bohol. I was able to see some amazing things and places, like the Tarsier. (It’s an animal. Look it up, it’s awesome) 
The Chocolate Mountains,  
butterflies, and beautiful churches! I also went on a zip line across a valley, screaming the whole way!! I’m sure the creatures in the valley ran like never before in fear of this screaming banshee flying over their heads. I also played some guitar with the locals. So fun!Our shows went well there as well. Then we headed to Manila. We had the first week off in Manila so I didn't stay there for long. I headed off for a “Girls trip” to the island of Boracay! Wow-o-wow… it was so beautiful (of course once the typhoon passed). Yes a typhoon, similar to a hurricane! No big deal just buckets of rain and winds up to a million miles per hour. Ok not really a million miles per hour but strong enough to make the Palm trees lay sideways!  We stayed at a cute little place called the Lazy Dog. There was even a dog named “Whiskey” who lived there. We chilled in the white sand and played in the turquoise blue salty water for hours, jumping and diving over the awesome waves! I really enjoyed having sand in my pants for that whole week... Not! Gross Ashley! But really it was an amazing vacation that I will never forget and I was really able to bond with some of the girls from my cast which was so needed! One of the best things I did while I was there was snorkel for the first time. I enjoyed it so much I went twice. The underwater creatures are so amazing; playing with star fish, some of them even looked like they had chocolate chips sprinkled on top of them!! Yep, that was my favorite I think. I hope I can return to Boracay someday, I would love that! Everything and everyone was so great, what a peaceful yet exciting vacation!
Now back to Manila…vacation is over and time to work. Now when I say time to work I mean it, thirteen shows in 5 days! Killer! The casting director came to watch which added some extra pressure, good pressure, to perform to the best of my ability! The shows were going great and then several people in the cast and crew started to get sick. This meant others had to step up to the plate and cover...and yes that included me! The fifth to last show of the weekend I learned a couple more dances and added some formation changes, only 15mins before show time. Talk about stressful. I myself started to get sick with a cold but was able to hang in there. This job sure is a dream come true but I tell you what... it’s not fun being millions of miles away from your mom when you are sick and also lacking some of the medicines that you usually take. I miss my mommy! I need my bed and some chicken noodle soup please! It was very rewarding to finish all the shows Sunday night. Thank goodness I have the first week off in Thailand…time to recover!
Well, here I am in Thailand and I am very excited to see what it has to offer! Hopefully I will have some wonderful experiences to share after my three weeks here.
I really am enjoying myself and loving this blessing! I pray for all of you that are following, that you are well and SMILING OFTEN! See you soon...ish!

Lots of love from your world traveler!



  1. Glad to hear from you again! What great pictures! I usually love butterflies, but this one...I think it borders on creepy! Sounds like the beach is growing on you. Can't blame you at all. Love it and love you!

  2. ashley! :) i'm so glad you're out and about in the world. you're lovely. it's getting CHILLY here in provo. i'm taking winter off to travel. i'm definitely coming to you for travel plans! you're a doll. <3