Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm Back...

I have been terrible about blogging... life has happened for sure and other things have become more important! BUT... now that this semester is coming to an end I thought that I would give this whole blogging deal again. So we shall see how it goes...

Since my last post...
-finished my DisneyLIVE international tour {a phenomenal experience}
-got certified as a CNA (certified nurse aide)
-celebrated my best friend's homecoming {Elder Austin Page} from his 2 year mission serving for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Neuquen, Argentina
-got engaged to my BEST friend in the whole world {Austin Neal Page}
-met my first cute baby nephew {Mason Andrew Riley}... i like to call him Mase-Face!
-FINALLY... on 12.28.12 i was sealed to the love of my life in the LDS Denver, Colorado Temple this was a very chilly day {-15} but none the less it was the best day of my whole life!

then... school started... wow that was a slap in the face to bring me into reality... no more disney dancing and the wedding party was over... time to get serious and busy...ROUGH! but at least i still had my PRINCE by my side!

So now to fast forward to today... April 15, 2014
Can I just say I never really believed people (especially "adults") when they would say things like, "you better enjoy life now because time flies by..."or "as you get older time goes by faster..." well I am here to say

Time is just running from me, in some cases it's great like for example when I am stuck in a classroom with no windows, no internet, listening to a monotone professor straight up read his power points to us for TWO AND HALF HOURS! {can you feel my frustration a little} 
But other times I hate how fast time is going for example when Austin and I are spending time together, laughing together, cuddling, talking, riding bikes, going on evening walks, cooking, watching movies or even stupid Jimmy Kimmel youtube videos!! OR when I see pictures of my NOT so baby little sister... she is growing up into this amazing, top model, strong young women... and it kills me that I can't even be there to see her change and watch her experience the wonderful opportunities that she is being offered {admit: tears rolling down my face} I love you SYDDERS! Your sissy is so proud of you... keep working hard and become the person your Heavenly Father wants you to be!

Ok tears dried... wow this blogging just caused me a roller coaster of emotions... I see now why it can be such good therapy tool and maybe even an addiction??
This week will be filled with reviews and studying for finals! Wish my hubby and I luck!

I hope to post soon.... {fingers crosses}

I think this will be a fun little hobby for this summer and spring! Thanks to those of you that will read my posts and follow... 

Besitos (little kisses)


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