Monday, May 5, 2014

The Foot Story

To start from the beginning... I have been walking, running and mostly dancing on a fractured foot for  over a year. I know I am a bit crazy! My foot started hurting back in September 2012, when I came to BYU I was working with my Dance Trainer twice a week doing deep tissue massage and different exercises to help strengthen what I thought was just tendon or ligament issues. But nothing was helping... it was not getting better at all! It was time to go in and see a doctor. So I was able to meet with a doctor back in October 2013 and they took X-rays. I couldn't believe that the bone was cracked in half, the X-ray could have been analyzed by a 5 year old it was so clear. It was so crazy to see my bone just chilling in my foot, BROKEN! My doctor suggested we do surgery by December but I wanted to continue to dance so I said I would rather have it done in Winter semester or after. Besides I would be going to China for 10 days dancing with my BYU Contemporary Dance Company!
{my CDT family in China}
My next appointment was made with my surgeon. Dr. Robert Faux. He said that while he was studying my Xray and MRI that he noticed that the bone that was broken was actually DEAD! This is called osteonecrosis! This usually happens only with elderly people... this was fun news to learn! NOT!
{my foot when it was scarless}
I made the best of the rest of the year and my time with my dance company. The surgery was finally scheduled for the last day of Finals... haha what a reward for finishing school! I got surgery Wednesday, April 23. I had to be at the surgery center by 5:00 AM! Early Morning! They put me under so that they could remove the bone completely (sesamoidectomy). There was nothing added to my foot to replace the bone just because it is a minor bone (lateral sesamoid). But the surgery was a success! I was in and out of the surgery center which was nice! 
{before the surgery}
Like most people when waking up from anesthesia, I was saying some funny things Austin (my husband) said. The first thing I said to him was "Shut up, I'm sleeping"...then I guess I kept asking for Chapstick over and over again hahaha! 
{after surgery... out of it}
{my bones, they didn't let me keep them I was so mad}
{my bone broken into two pieces}
We headed home and I was to stay on the couch for 3 days with my foot up so I was sure to check out lots of movies from the library! Austin took such good care of me! I love him so much! 
 {musicals, ballets, classics... thank you BYU library}
    {3 days like this with my movies}
{we played quite a few games and I was on FIRE even on pain pills}
{what a sweetheart helping me get ready for a bath}
10 days after the surgery I am up and walking around, I got my stitches out today too! It was so fun to see my whole foot and the cool scare I will have forever on the bottom of my foot! My doctor said every thing looks pretty great! I just have to take it easy and wait for a while to get back into the dancing scene again!
{crutches are my armpits enemy but I am grateful to be out and about instead of on the couch}
{super cool scar}
I am so grateful for all of the help and support I have been give through this little pain in my life! 
Thanks everyone that helped and checked up on me!

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